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About Abby

Getting a mortgage should be simple, even if you’re no expert. That’s why we created Abby. Abby can answer most questions, and you can always call to speak with a licensed Loan Officer with no obligation to get clarification or more information. Our smart tech allows you to get a mortgage virtually on your own, but real people will also be with you from application to closing day.

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Meet the Real Abby

We’re proud to say that Abby is not just a figment of our imagination but is actually based on Abby Widmer, our very real Post Closing Manager. Just like her online counterpart, the real Abby is a huge fan of eliminating paperwork, streamlining processes, and getting you a mortgage faster. We created “Abby” so that all our customers can get that same great service and knowledge as the real Abby gives whenever they want. Also, the real Abby has to sleep sometimes.

Watch the video to meet the real Abby.