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We’ve created these guides to be a valuable resource to walk you step-by-step through your next adventure.

1. Apply in 15 Minutes

Complete your online application as thoroughly as possible. A licensed loan officer can help you with any questions you may have. Once you get a pre-approval, we'll add initial disclosures to your online account to eSign them after you speak with our agent to confirm your loan options.

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2. Processing

Relax - we'll take it from here! We'll keep you posted and will also set up all title requirements with our title partners. You will know in advance with whom you will be signing your closing documents.

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3. Appraisal

Not all loans require an appraisal, but we will order one for your property, if needed. You'll receive a call from an appraiser to set up an appointment and pay through our appraisal system. Don't worry, you will receive a copy of the full appraisal. In the meantime, we will still be working away on your loan.

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4. Underwriting

Your loan is moving forward for formal review. If you already received an online pre-approval, this will be even faster! Either way, an underwriter in our office will determine if all requirements for a mortgage meet the guidelines for your loan type. Be looking for a decision from us soon.

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5. Conditional Approval

We'll let you know if your loan is approved. We may have some final requests from the underwriting team. You'll need to submit any final requests ASAP. We want to make sure your rate stays locked!

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6. Clear to Close

We'll send you the good news once all the requirements have been met and you're clear to close! We'll send closing disclosures to your online account for you to eSign.

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7. eSign Closing Documents

We will send you most of the closing documents to sign digitally before the final closing day. On closing day, you'll meet with the title company in person or online for just a few final signatures and notary.

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8. Congratulations!

You have a new mortgage! We'll receive your final documents and send the details for making payments as soon as we have the information. You will get a survey to rate your experience. We love providing you 5-star service!

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